How to avoid the unnecessary usage of mobile internet package data? 100% works

By | September 17, 2016

Nowadays everyone having a smartphone. At the same time they wants to use internet. Am I right… But the mobile internet pack costs are very high, especially for 3G/4G speed in any type of networks. For suppose, if we talk about one month pack, every network will provide approximately less than 1GB of data for 28 days only. This much of data is not sufficient to any users especially for students.

But you don’t know, there is a lot of unnecessary data usage is going on behind your usage. Here, in this article I will explain those things and other tips and tricks.

  • What ever applications your using, each app will use internet data as in two ways. Like as foreground data & background data.
  • Here background data not required for all app’s at all time, which are not much use. So , you can easily restrict that data.
  • For this, there is an option in mobiles. From there you can restrict. Go like as below…

Settings –>Data usage –> select the app, in which you want to restrict the data –> turn on button.


  • If your using Google maps, just turn on the Location. Then load the complete map by zooming the page.
  • Zoom up to all areas names should be appear.
  • Then turn off your internet. That’s it. It will work up to any time.
  • But Don’t close the App. Just minimize it.

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