What are the Business functions Addtionally added in S4 Hana 1610 than 1511

By | December 21, 2016

The Business functions, which are the new enhancements and additional features in self contained units providing by SAP for your existing SAP-ERP Installations. Those are all enables you to use such developments & enhancement’s for different business processes. Like in Accounting, Logistics, Human Capital Management and other your industry solutions. These function’s changes become active in your system, when you activate manually.

Note  : Most of the Business-functions are not Reversible-Functions. It means, Once if you activate any func then we can not deactivate. And also SAP provides some Reversible_functions, we can revert back it any time.

Additional Business-Function’s In S/4 Hana 1610 :

Total 31 Business_functions added in S/4-Hana for developments and improvements purposes. Get those function’s as below. Observe the enhancement func’s.

  1. /SCWM/EWM_S4_ADAPT EWM – Core Functions active in S/4 HANA only Business-func.
  2. ERP_CF_INTEGRATION_1 ERP –  Integration with Claims and Funds Management
  3. FIN_LOC_CI_4 FI – ­ Localization Topics for Japan and South Korea
  4. FIN_RTC_BASIC_1  –  Real-Time Consolidation Basic Functionalities
  5. FIN_TRM_MME TRM* –  Money Market Enhancements
  6. FIN_TRM_TRADE_FIN TRM* – Trade Finance
  7. FIN_TRM_TRADE_FIN_2* – Trade Finance 2 – Bank Guarantee and others
  8. ISR_APPL_CRM_INTEG Retail – Master Data Integration in CRM 01
  9. ISR_APPL_USABILITY Retail – Usability Business func
  10. ISR_RETAIL_MATERIAL_LEDGER   – Business Function for Material Ledger in Retail
  11. ISR_RETAIL_USABILITY Retail – Usability (EA-RETAIL)
  12. LOG_BM_CC1* –  Batch Management Continuous Improvements
  13. LOG_LE_INTEGRATION LE – Extended Warehouse Management Integration
  14. LOG_PP_EWM_MAN EWM – Integration into Manufacturing
  15. LOG_PP_EWM_MAN_2  – EWM Integration in Manufacturing 2
  16. LOG_SCM_EWM_INT  – EWM Integration
  17. MDG_CONSOLIDATION_CUSTOBJ_2* – Master Data Governance for Custom Objects, Consolidation and Mass Processing 9.0
  18. MDG_CONSOLIDATION_CUSTOMER* – Master Data Governance for Customer, Consolidation 8.0
  19. MDG_CONSOLIDATION_CUSTOMER_2* – Master Data Governance for Customer, Consolidation and Mass Processing 9.0
  20. MDG_CONSOLIDATION_MATERIAL_2* – Master Data Governance for Material, Consolidation and Mass Processing 9.0
  21. MDG_CONSOLIDATION_SUPPLIER* – Master Data Governance for Supplier, Consolidation 8.0
  22. MDG_CONSOLIDATION_SUPPLIER_2* – Master Data Governance for Supplier, Consolidation and Mass Processing 9.0
  23. PLM_VMP_2 –  Visual Enterprise Manufacturing Planner
  24. S4H_AATP* – Advanced Available-to-Promise (ATP)
  26. SCM_APO_PPDS_PI SCM-APO-PPS* – Continuous Production and Multi-Resource Scheduling
  27. SCM_APO_VERSION_SIM SCM-APO* – Version Simulation
  28. SCM_EHS_DG_CI_1 – EH&S Services in SCM: Dangerous Goods continuous improvement
  29. SCM_EWM_FND EWM –  Essential Foundation Functions
  30. SCM_EWM_MEAN EWM – Additional GTINs (EANs/UPCs) for Product
  31. SCM_PPDS_ON_ERP* SCM-APO-PPS-ERP, SAP ERP, PP/DS – Add-on – Simplified Integration

Note : Here ‘*’ indicates Reversible Functions

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