Features of One of the Best Entertainment Android Application – Reliance Jio Tv 2016/17

By | February 26, 2017

Hi friend!! The Indian Reliance corporation is providing one of the best entertaining, Echo friendly  and free android ware application, i.e., Jio Tv. It’s really awesome. It is become part of my life & keeping my mind as cool & happy at any time any where. Because I’m working as a software engineer. So, I’m  unable to spend much more time in front of Tv at home or any where. That’s why, it is the best…

Thank you Reliance & jio team.

Now I would like to share the features and hidden techniques & functionalities of this app in this Article.

Features & Functionalities of jio Tv :🌿

  • It provides number of multi languages tv chanels programs.
  • You can watch live as past programs.
  • Lock Button : which will appear after play any chanel program. And it help to disable all change buttons from screen. It makes screen as cleanband good to watch.
  • We can also monitor the speed the Network. But you need to enable it manually & which is available in more button. After click on it, two options will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Quality
  2. Video Bit rate
  • In video bit rate, below things you can monitor :
  1. Video strength & conversion rate
  2. Resolution
  3. Profile
  4. Network speed
  • In Quality, there are few options :
  1. Auto
  2. Low
  3. Medium
  4. High



Additional helpful-buttons :

  • 30 sec button’s, these will helpful to slow forward or reverse of video.
  • Live buton, it will directly switch to live of the program of respective chanel.
  • Share, Previous , Next And many more…

More Specifications :

  1. Grid view & List view with time and date.
  2. We can schedule the recording of Specific program.
  3. Can make & save the programs as favorites list to make watch easy for future.


Thank You!!

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