How to transfer/share the small files/images/videos over the handheld devices – WhatsApp

By | December 11, 2017

Dear friend, this Article will be the most interesting one, to know and help full in daily basis activities. Yes, we can easily transfer/share the any types of files like documents or videos or photos etc through Whatsapp Application. That is from PC to mobile or may from mobile to PC vice versa. Here, I will explain the procedure to use trick in simple manner. Let’s begin…

Prerequisites :

  • Mobile having WhatsApp Messenger with a valid account.
  • Both Cell phone & PC or any two handheld devices must & should have internet.
  • Also required any type of browser in Personal Computer/Laptop.

Step by Step procedure :

  1. First of all, connect to the internet on mobile by using Wi-fi or Cellular network, whatever it is, no issue.
  2. Open respective application on your mobile.
  3. Now create a Group like as “Sharing files”  by adding any one of whatsApp’ member.
  4. Here, is the interesting point, that is, now go to group settings & remove the last added group_member.
  5. So that, the files can be transferred between you and PC only. 
  6. Now come to you personal Computer or Laptop which is available with internet. Then open any browser.
  7.  Go to  website. Then your able to see whats.App QR code.
  8. By scanning that Quick response code with app, connect the both devices.
  9. For more details to connect devices, Please refer the below link…
    “How to convert the mobile what’sapp to PC-Whatsapp WEB”
  10. Now both devices are connected without any third member.
  11. That’s it. Now you can easily transfer the files from pc to mobiles or mobiles to pc/laptops. Which is also secure from any type of malware b/w those devices.

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